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What is a market code?

MarketCode {MAC} a project based on the process of coding and programming artificial intelligence technology and robotic systems in a decentralized market and solving human problems by linking communities in need of a real and reliable expert that by artificial intelligence Data validation is done and a smart contract is created

The project combines artificial intelligence and robotics and upgrades and improves it to help humanity and synchronize with human needs and solve the problems of any society in any geographical area with any category and class.

Where are the root problems of different human societies?

Indeed, the main problems are human errors in making decisions about sensitive responsibilities, economics, politics, society, natural resources, Healthcare (medical),etc.
We believe that condition for improving the quality of life of different societies is the absence of human error in sensitive and important decisions and responsibilities.

In our opinion, with the development of artificial intelligence technology and robotics industry in all fields by learning machines, the world can be transformed and human life can be improved. The root of human error is in the management, use, analysis of big data.

How can artificial intelligence and robotics make the world a better place?

To answer this question, one must first understand artificial intelligence technology and the robotics industry:
Artificial intelligence refers to systems that can have responses similar to intelligent human behaviors, including understanding complex situations, simulating human thought processes and reasoning methods and successfully responding to them, learning, and the ability to acquire knowledge and reasoning to solve problems.

A robot is an automatic device that replaces human effort, and it is a machine that is usually programmable by a computer and can perform a number of complex tasks automatically. These technologies are used to upgrade machines to replace humans. Robots can be used in any situation and for any purpose. Artificial intelligence then integrates with robotics to create a combination of both that will work for error-free work for any reason for all human societies. Artificial intelligence manages and optimizes big data and with robotics can solve problems and meet human needs

What is Mac Cryptocurrency?

Mac Cryptocurrency is a kind of stock and is used as an investment in the development and tangible activation of artificial intelligence and robotics capabilities for the community.